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Hurricane Delta slams into Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula before heading toward the US Gulf Coast

Hurricane Delta made landfall Wednesday morning roughly halfway between the Mexican resort towns of Cancun and Playa del Carmen in the town of Puerto Morelos, according to the US National Hurricane Center.

Delta has winds of 110 mph, making it a strong Category 2 storm. The hurricane will quickly make its way over the Yucatan Peninsula Wednesday morning and re-emerge in the Gulf of Mexico later today.

Once back over open water, Delta will likely strengthen back into a major hurricane before turning north toward the Louisiana coast.

Hurricane watches and storm surge watches will likely be issued later Wednesday along the US Gulf Coast.

Forecasters said that up to 12 feet of storm surge is¬†possible, which will be accompanied by “large and destructive waves.”

Up to 10 inches of rain is also possible across the region, which could cause flash flooding and mudslides.

The storm will weaken a bit before heading into the Gulf of Mexico later on Wednesday night.




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