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ISIS’ establishes new capital in Africa as terrorists carry out beheadings and take sex slaves

SIS -linked jihadis have amassed a fighting force that is wreaking havoc and slaughtering its enemies.

The terrorists have killed more than 1,500 people in northern Mozambique and displaced more than a quarter of a million since 2017.

Back in August, ISIS militants captured the port town of Mocimboa da Praia, in the province of Cabo Delgado, and told locals it would be their new capital.

Locals refer to the armed group as the Machababos or Al Shabaab, but the ISIS-affiliated group calls itself Al-Sunnah Wa Jama’ah.

During their assault on Mocimboa da Praia, marines attempted to resist hundreds of the militants but ran out of ammunition and were forced to retreat.

In March, jihadis occupied the centre of Mocimboa da Praia and burned government facilities.

They also launched an attack on a police headquarters in a second town, brandishing an ISIS flag.

More than 1,000 homes have been torched by the militants, and entire villages are empty after residents fled.

A top research analyst told Fox News villagers are given a choice: join ISIS or else.

Some villagers have been tortured, raped, and murdered. Young girls have been kidnapped.

The terrorists have collected satellite phones, networked computers and other essential war equipment to counter the government security forces.

These terrorists are conducting raids on police stations, military posts and private security firms. They are also getting large quantities of arms and ammunition.




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