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‘Devil worshipper’ cut out victim’s heart ‘while he was still alive’ for ritual sacrifice

A ‘devil worshipper’ cut out his victim’s heart ‘while he was still alive’ before decapitating him for ritual sacrifice.   

The headless and mutilated body of Marcos Correa was found in Amenabar in Santa Fe, Argentina next to a pagan pilgrimage site honouring San La Muerte (Saint Death), a folk deity venerated in the country.

Police have arrested a man identified by local media as Carlos L. for triple aggravated homicide with intent and religious hate.

The 34-year-old allegedly often posted satanic images on his social media accounts.  Correa was last seen on September 27 and was reported missing by his family on October 4.

Cops discovered his remains at a rubbish dump ten days later, but have only now revealed the grim discovery. He is reported to have been homeless, which is believed to have made him more vulnerable to being targeted by the killers.

He was found buried next to a small area used to praise San La Muerte (Saint Death).




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