Four 1,000-year-old Gold Coins Unearthed Near Jerusalem’s Western Wall

Four gold coins were recently discovered inside a pottery jar found during an excavation in the Western Wall Plaza of Jerusalem’s Old City.

The precious 1,000-year-old coins reflect the political and historical shift of power between the two Muslim dynasties that ruled the city at the time.

The excavation was part of an elevator-installation project by the Company for the Reconstruction and Development of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City.

The juglet is believed to be from the Early Islamic period, officials said.

The Israeli Antiquities Authority said that Inspector Yevgenia Kapil made the find during an initial excavation at the site in October.

A few weeks later, excavation director David Gellman opened the juglet and found the coins. Expert Robert Kool said the coins are in excellent condition and were immediately identifiable.

Kool said the coins are “a near-perfect reflection” of the historical period and the find is the first in 50 years in which a gold trove from the Fatimid period has been unearthed in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Kool added that the coins were worth a “considerable sum of money” for the era in which they were minted, especially to those living in the difficult conditions of the period.




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