Hidden Welsh Witchcraft Den And Demon Traps Discovered In 16th Century House

An old 16th-century Grade 2 listed farmhouse, in Plas Uchaf, Denbigh, North Wales, has thrown up a spine-chilling discovery of a collection of witchcraft type artefacts, hidden in a small den under a staircase, by a couple, Bleddyn and Kerrie Jackson, who were renovating the property that had been in their family for generations.

Among the spooky items found by Bleddyn, wrapped up in a bundle, were bottles filled with poison and perfumes, odd shoes, a horse skull, a half-eaten hat, and rusted gun barrels, all well-known ancient rituals designed to frighten off demons and witches, along with a painting of an old woman called “Vicky”

A hidden space beneath a staircase in a 16th-century Welsh home was filled with occult objects, including animal skulls and a hoard of left shoes, and its being called a “witchcraft den.”

Animal skulls, poison, perfume-filled bottles, odd shoes, and a half-eaten wooly hat were among the occult objects that had been placed under the staircase to trap witches, and their consorts in spiritual crime, demons.

Kerrie told the press that she and her husband are not in any way worried about finding the collection of occult artifacts beneath their staircase.

She added that they were used to coming across quirky things in their 16th century home.




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