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Russian man confesses to being ‘Volga maniac’ serial killer

A 38-year-old Russian man has confessed to being the “Volga maniac” — a serial killer responsible for the strangling deaths of at least 26 elderly women in the country’s central region.

Radik Tagirov, who was linked to the murders through DNA and other forensic evidence, is accused of the string of killings that terrorized Russia between 2011 and 2012, the Guardian reported Tuesday.

“Based on the results of forensic research and biological analysis … it was established that all of the acts were committed by one person,” Russian police said in a statement.

The perpetrator posed as a social services representative or maintenance worker to gain the trust of his victims, retired women aged between 75 and 90 who lived alone, according to the Russian Interior Ministry, RIA Novosti reported.

Once inside, he would overpower the women and strangle his victims using either his hands or nearby objects, including an apron and a clothesline.

He often robbed his victims but in some cases left valuables untouched. He wore gloves and had sterilised crime scenes before leaving to thwart investigators.

The serial killer appeared to have gone quiet after 2013, but a killing spree in the region in 2017 renewed fears among the public.




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