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Paris sees second weekend of protests, violence over controversial security law

Violence broke out in Paris for the second consecutive weekend as protesters clashed with police during demonstrations over a proposed security law, according to reports.

Hundreds of rallies were planned across the nation Saturday to protest legislation that would make it illegal to record video or take photos of police officers with “obvious intention to harm their physical and psychological integrity”, the BBC reported.

The law came under harsh criticism as a threat to freedom of the press and was seen as a way to undermine efforts to document police brutality. Any offender could face up to a year in prison and a fine of up to €45,000 (or $54,000).

Scores of hooded anarchists launched projectiles at riot police, smashed up shop fronts, torched cars and burned barricades during a demonstration in the French capital on Saturday against police violence and a draft security law.

The police fired back volleys of tear gas and made repeated charges at groups of troublemakers for close to three hours. One group of anarchists ransacked the branch office of a bank, throwing piles of paperwork onto a fire outside.

It marked the second consecutive of weekend of unrest in Paris, provoked by recent episodes of police brutality and President Emmanuel Macron’s security plans, which the demonstrators say would restrict civil liberties.




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