Use Google’s ‘Look to Speak’ App to Talk With Your Eyes

One of the coolest things about technology is the myriad of ways in which it can be utilized to assist people with disabilities. Google’s newest experimental app allows people who might not be able to speak out loud to express themselves verbally via a surprising method: their eyes. (Android Police)

The Look to Speak app works by using machine learning models to track the movements of users’ eyes. It presents two columns of common words and phrases, and glancing to the left or right narrows the selection down until the chosen option is selected, at which point the app speaks the word(s) out loud. (Android Police)

The app is meant to work on a mobile device and in support of more sophisticated assistive technologies. After positioning the phone slightly below eye level, a user looks left or right to choose from the list of phrases, which the device then speaks aloud. (The Verge)

The phrases can be personalized to let users share their authentic voices, Cave notes. According to Google, all data in the Look to Speak app is private and never leaves the phone. (The Verge)

The Look to Speak app is available from Google Play for all Android smartphones and tablets running Android 9.0 or higher, as well as Android One devices. The device being used must also have a front-facing camera. (Life Hacker)




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