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Minneapolis cuts police funding by $8M amid crime surge following summer riots

The Minneapolis City Council, the city where George Floyd earlier this year died while in the custody of its police department, passed a budget Thursday morning that will cut its police funding by $8 million and use the money for mental health and violence prevention programs.  (Fox News)

The plan for the shifting of police funding, called “Safety for All,” follows the city council’s stalled attempt to completely dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department earlier this year. Minneapolis is where the widespread protests against racism and police brutality — which often turned into riots — started before spreading around the country. (Fox News)

“The City Council adopted a 2021 budget!!” Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender tweeted early Thursday. “All the #SafetyForAllBudget proposals passed for 2021. Mental health, violence prevention, oversight and more.” (Fox News)

Mayor Jacob Frey, who had threatened to block the proposed budget shift, was able to maintain his calls for a $14million cut to the state’s police department while maintaining staffing levels for sworn officers intact.  (Daily Mail)

The city in Minnesota has been at the centre of calls to defund the police after George Floyd died there in police custody in May, sparking outrage and igniting mass demonstrations against police brutality and a nationwide reckoning with racism. (Daily Mail)

More than 300 Minneapolis residents signed up to speak about the proposal on Wednesday, with some pleading for city council members to deliver the reforms they promised after Floyd’s death, and others warning it would be irresponsible to cut officers. (The Guardian)

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