Vladimir Putin brazenly drives across repaired Crimea bridge after huge truck bomb

(Image: Kremlin.ru / East2west News) (Fair Use)

Vladimir Putin has managed to drive across the Crimea bridge which was damaged by a bomb attack in the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian President took the wheel on Monday and drove across the blitzed Kerch Bridge to the peninsula, which Moscow annexed from Ukraine in 2014.

During his surprise visit, the Kremlin leader spoke to workers and discussed repair work with a senior government official responsible for the project.

Putin was seen with deputy premier Marat Khusnullin as he travelled across the bridge which was struck on October 8 by a truck bomb.

Russia blamed the attack on Ukrainian military intelligence and responded with waves of strikes on the country’s energy facilities and other key infrastructure, the latest of which was launched Monday.

His visit came on the same day that an airbase for nuclear bombers was hit in Saratov region damaging two Tu-95 planes.

Another air base in Ryazan was also hit in a suspected drone attack.

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