“No public danger” as Norfolk Southern train derails in Alabama

Photo: ABC News (Fair Use)

On Thursday, a Norfolk Southern train derailed in Alabama, but both local officials and the company have stated that there is no danger to the general public, ABC News reported.

The incident in Alabama occurred on the same day that the CEO of the company testified before Congress about the consequences of a hazardous materials train derailment in Ohio.

Connor Spielmaker, a representative for Norfolk Southern, reported that approximately 37 train cars were involved in the Calhoun County, Alabama derailment. However, none of the cars were transporting dangerous materials.

Spielmaker added that two of the cars were classified as “residue” cars, as they had previously held hazardous materials, but they remained intact and were not at risk.

“They did not breach. There is no hazardous material leak. There is no risk at all to the public,” Spielmaker told reporters during a news conference, as reported by ABC News.

Written by staff