Power Supply Restored as Ukraine Recovers from Russian Barrage

Photo: Zuma Press Office CC (Fair Use)

Officials reported on Friday that the majority of power supply in Ukraine’s capital has been restored, following the country’s prompt and resolute response to the recent Russian missile and drone attack aimed at crucial infrastructure.

As has been the case since early October, the Russian military employed a well-known tactic on Thursday, launching attacks on Ukraine from a distance, while the ground battles in the eastern region of the country remained at a standstill, the Associated Press reported.

The motive behind targeting power stations and other critical infrastructure seems to be to undermine Ukraine’s determination and force the government to negotiate peace on Moscow’s conditions.

In response to the most recent attack, which is part of a recurring pattern of destruction and repair in urban areas, Ukrainian authorities quickly took action to mitigate the consequences. However, despite being in its second year, the war has seen little progress, as reported by the AP.

The Institute for the Study of War, a Washington-based think tank, said in an assessment that “these missile strikes will not undermine Ukraine’s will or improve Russia’s positions on the front lines.”

Written by staff