China has launched hundreds of satellites to target US

Photo: AA (Fair Use)

According to the leader of the U.S. Space Force, China has successfully deployed numerous satellites over the last six months, resulting in a total of 347 orbiting devices owned by the People’s Liberation Army. These satellites have the capability to collect intelligence on the armed forces of the United States.

During a Senate hearing, General Chance Saltzman stated that the development of lasers to interfere with satellite sensors, electronic warfare jammers, and the construction of spacecraft capable of moving competing orbiting platforms out of position has made Beijing the most pressing threat to US operations.

General Saltzman explained that these efforts are a component of China’s strategy to create a state-of-the-art, top-tier military force aimed at realizing their “Space Dream” of becoming the leading space power by 2045, the Daily Mail reported.

“Over the last six months, China conducted 35 launches adding advanced communications and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) satellites to their orbital architecture,” he said in a written statement to the Senate Armed Service Subcommittee on Strategic Forces on Tuesday.

“Of China’s over 700 operational satellites in orbit, 347 are People’s Liberation Army ISR platforms providing optical, radar, and radio-frequency capabilities which track the Joint Force worldwide.”

Written by staff