Garbage Mounts in Odorous Last Stand Against France’s Pension Reform

Photo: DNYUZ (Fair Use)

Mountains of food waste stacked within sight of the Eiffel Tower. Narrow cobblestone roads flanked by overflowing garbage containers. The Seine riverbank bordered by piles of rubbish.

In various French cities, sanitation workers have been on strike for over a week in objection to President Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to raise the age for receiving a government pension for most employees from 62 to 64, DNYUZ reported.

The unsanitary mounds of refuse, some towering over pedestrians attempting to evade them, serve as a pungent, graphic manifestation of public indignation towards the administration’s proposal.

To sanitation workers, it also represents the physical evidence of the difficulties that come with professions unsuitable for the elderly, as reported by DNYUZ.

Following two months of political discussions, extensive demonstrations in various towns and cities throughout the nation, and sporadic work stoppages, a verdict on France’s pension system is expected to be reached this week.

On Wednesday, a joint committee comprising lawmakers from both parliamentary chambers will convene to establish a unified version of the proposed legislation. If the process is successful, the bill will be sent back to the Senate and National Assembly for ultimate ratification on Thursday.

Written by staff