Large pet emu runs loose through the streets south of Boston, Massachusetts

A large pet bird that is normally native to Australia caused a ruckus south of Boston, Massachusetts, after escaping from her home, the Associated Press reported.

The bird is an emu. It’s the second-tallest bird on Earth after the ostrich, its close relative. The flightless bird apparently managed to get loose on Thursday night in East Bridgewater — and led police on a chase through Brockton, WCVB-TV reported.

East Bridgewater is about 25 miles south of Boston. Surveillance video showed the emu strolling through an intersection in Brockton, which is about 20 miles south of Boston.

A different video posted on social media then showed her running alongside a car, various outlets reported. The bird’s owner, Lee Flaherty, told the television station that a wild animal likely caused the emu to jump over a 6-foot (2-meter) high fence and take off.

The pet bird — named Mallory — eventually was subdued in a parking lot by Flaherty, police and a bystander, the AP reported.