Tulsi Gabbard says Biden, Democrats share same ‘core principles’ as Hitler

Ex-Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard blasted her former party on Friday, saying its “core principals” and focus on diversity are comparable to Nazism and Adolf Hitler.

“They’re are proud to be judging people, hiring people, selecting people based on race — and let’s be clear how serious of a problem this is. It’s based on genetics, race, based on your blood, your genes, and where do we see that connection?” Gabbard told Fox News host Jesse Watters.

“Well, these are the very same geneticist core principles embodied by Nazism and Adolf Hitler,” she continued. “This should be something that is sickening and alarming to every single Democrat and every single American. We have seen where this philosophy can lead.”

Gabbard said Democrats’ “agenda of identity politics” is one of the main reasons she left the party, adding it “directly undermines the traditional democratic values that were expressed so beautifully and clearly by Dr. Martin Luther King, that we should judge each other not based on the color of our skin, but based on our character.”

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