In a letter addressed to the UN, left-wing org. allege that pro-life legislation violates international human rights law

Photo: Shuttershock (Fair Use)

On Thursday, close to 200 human rights organizations with left-leaning affiliations wrote to the United Nations (U.N.), claiming that the United States has breached international human rights law. 

This accusation arises from some states passing legislation safeguarding fetuses from abortion in response to the Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling, the Breitbart News organization reported.

The 53-page letter states, “As the US has revoked the established constitutional safeguard for abortion accessibility, and with the adoption of state-level legislation as outlined above, it has disregarded its responsibilities under international human rights law, as stipulated in various human rights agreements that it has either signed or ratified.”

According to the Washington Post, the missive is an “immediate request” for the U.N. to “step in and guarantee the safeguarding of reproductive rights.”

The letter is from a collection of groups, including but not restricted to Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and Global Justice Center.

Written by staff