The United States is sending bridge-launching equipment to Ukraine in anticipation of clashes in the spring

(AP Photo/Iryna Rybakova) (Fair Use)

On Friday, the United States unveiled a fresh military aid bundle worth $400 million for Ukraine, which comprises armored vehicles equipped with bridge-launching capabilities.

This marks the first time that such equipment has been included, enabling soldiers to traverse rivers or other obstacles while Russian and Ukrainian troops continue to hold positions on opposite banks of the Dnieper River, as reported by the Associated Press.

Throughout the winter months, the war between Russia and Ukraine came to a near standstill, with both sides exchanging fire from opposite sides of the river. However, with temperatures set to rise, it is expected that both parties will initiate offensives.

To hasten its delivery to Ukraine, this latest aid will be obtained from present U.S. weapons reserves. The United States and its allies are endeavoring to quickly supply Kyiv with additional assistance to ensure its readiness for the escalated military clashes in the spring, reports the AP.

The Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge is a compact, foldable metal bridge that measures 60 feet (18 meters) and is mounted on a tank chassis. Delivering this technology at present could streamline the process for Ukrainian troops to traverse rivers and reach Russian forces.

Written by staff