Mystery goats go on rampage through San Francisco streets

Photo: Reddit Screen Shot / San Francisco Gate (Fair Use)

On Wednesday, a group of goats were spotted running freely in San Francisco, and their origin remains a mystery, the San Francisco Gate reported.

On Wednesday afternoon, a Reddit user shared a video capturing the sight of four or more goats running through San Francisco’s South Beach neighborhood near Rincon Hill Dog Park.

The footage shows several bystanders attempting to round up the goats, but without success. At the conclusion of the video, the goats scamper away into the distance.

According to a spokesperson from San Francisco’s Animal Care & Control, a report was received by SFGATE at 3:49 p.m. on Wednesday concerning a gray goat running amidst traffic, as reported by the San Francisco Gate.

The caller stated that they were unaware of the goat’s whereabouts after members of the public tried to shoo it away. Currently, Animal Care & Control has not received any further updates regarding the incident.

Written by staff