North Korea launches missiles from sub as US and S. Korea hold drills

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

On Monday, the South Korean and U.S. armed forces commenced their most extensive joint military maneuvers in years, while North Korea claimed to have conducted a trial of submarine-launched cruise missiles in what seems to be a demonstration against the exercises that it perceives as a mock invasion.

The missile tests carried out by North Korea on Sunday suggest that the nation is inclined to engage in provocative weapons trials during the 11-day U.S.-South Korean drills, the Associated Press reported.

In the previous week, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un instructed his troops to prepare themselves to counteract the aggressive military preparations of their opponents.

As part of the joint military exercises between South Korea and the United States, there is a computer simulation called Freedom Shield 23, along with a series of combined field training exercises that are collectively referred to as the Warrior Shield FTX.

Earlier, the South Korean and U.S. armed forces declared that the computer simulation is aimed at enhancing the defense and response capabilities of the allies in the face of North Korea’s growing nuclear threats and other evolving security circumstances.

They further noted that the field exercises would revert to the magnitude of their previous major field training exercise, Foal Eagle, which was last conducted in 2018, as reported by the AP.

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