‘Hole’ in the sun and powerful X1 solar flare threaten space weather mayhem

Photo: NASA (Fair Use)

Last night, a potent solar flare caused disruptions in radio communications on Earth, prompting space weather forecasters to anticipate a period of turbulent space weather in the upcoming days, Space reported.

The flare was classified as an X-class on the 5-grade scale that measures the strength of these intense light bursts and originated from the most massive and complicated sunspot cluster presently visible in the southwestern region of the sun’s surface.

The X1.2 solar flare hit Earth at 10:33 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, March 28 (0233 GMT, Wednesday, March 29), ionizing the outermost layer of the planet’s atmosphere and affecting radio communications for about an hour across southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Written by staff