Spain establishes its own space agency

Photo: ESA (Fair Use)

Spain has established its own space agency, the Agencia Espacial Española (AEE), which will commence operations on March 7, following approval by the country’s Council of Ministers.

The agency, based in Seville, will ensure Spain’s strategic presence in the space sector, including technological development, and the use of space for security, Space reported.

Earth observation, geolocation, and telecommunications, according to a statement from Spain’s Ministry of Science and Innovation. Plans for the establishment of the agency were announced in May 2021.

“Space is a priority and strategic area, essential to help and protect our society in fields as diverse as cybersecurity, navigation, the fight against climate change or the monitoring of phenomena such as drought or fires,” the statement continued, as reported by Space.

According to Minister for Science and Innovation Diana Morant, the Spanish Space Agency will have an initial budget of over 700 million euros (equivalent to $753 million USD) in 2023.

This move highlights Spain’s effort to enhance and unify its space industry.

Written by staff