Russia’s Putin calling up extra 147,000 men

Photo: Flickr CC (Fair Use)

Starting from tomorrow (April 1), an additional 147,000 troops will be called up to supplement President Vladimir Putin’s depleted army, as decreed and signed by him.

Since Putin’s initial demand for troops to enter Ukraine, over a year ago, approximately 694,000 soldiers have been lost from his forces, the Daily Star reported.

Around 694,000 soldiers have been lost from Putin’s forces, with roughly 520,000 of them being men who sustained injuries so severe that they cannot return to the front line.

Additionally, over 173,000 troops have been reported killed in action by Russia. According to Ukraine’s special forces, Putin has exhausted 77.2% of the 900,000 soldiers he initially had at his disposal, the Daily Star has reported.

In a state of panic, Putin has summoned an additional 147,000 men aged 18 to 27 to serve in his forces. The draft, which will commence tomorrow, is set to conclude on July 15, as reported by the anti-Putin Russian news source Meduza.

The current call-up of 147,000 men marks a rise of 12,500 from the previous summer of 2022, when hundreds of thousands of individuals fled Russia to evade being enlisted for combat duty.

Additionally, Russia intends to increase the draft age from 27 to 30 in 2024 and shift the lower age limit from 18 to 21. Despite the shortage of troops, Putin has declared his intention to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Written by staff