Migrant babies thrown over border as 1,000 rush El Paso seeking asylum

Photo: New York Post (Fair Use)

In a chaotic scene at the border in El Paso, Texas, over 1,000 migrants rushed towards the US-Mexico border on Wednesday, with dozens of babies and young children being thrown over the river that separates the two countries.

The US Border Patrol confirmed the incident, and exclusive photos obtained by The New York Post depict desperate parents tossing their children across the international boundary in the hopes of being allowed entry into the US. False rumors circulating on social media fueled the stampede, causing frantic families to run for miles in the hopes of securing asylum.

The majority of the migrants were Venezuelans, and they congregated near a gate in the border wall, believing that surrendering to the Border Patrol there would allow them to seek asylum.

However, the agency clarified that the migrants were being misinformed and that Title 42 is still in effect.

Consequently, those who cross the border illegally, including Cubans, Guatemalans, Haitians, Hondurans, Mexicans, Nicaraguans, Salvadorans, and Venezuelans, are immediately expelled from the country and returned to Mexico.

Written by staff