California’s Wildest Winter: 25 Atmospheric Rivers, Record Snow

Photo: Getty Images (Fair Use)

The severe storms that have struck California this winter are expected to persist through the spring season, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Atmospheric rivers and cold fronts have resulted in near-record levels of rain and snowfall in regions that have been struggling with drought-like conditions for several years.

There are predictions of additional storms hitting the area in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, the storms have caused widespread damage, including flooding, road closures, power outages, and loss of life.

The total cost of the destruction is estimated to be billions of dollars. Governor Gavin Newsom recently lifted some of the drought restrictions, given the three years of record dryness.

However, he stopped short of declaring an end to the drought due to ongoing water shortages in densely populated parts of Southern California, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

As temperatures begin to rise, there is an anticipated surge in the risk of floods and mudslides as the snowpack in the mountains begins to melt. This phenomenon poses a severe threat to the communities situated in the foothills.

Written by staff