RT: Russia places Pacific fleet on ‘high alert’

Photo: Sputnik (Fair Use)

Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced that the Pacific Navy fleet of Russia has transitioned to full combat readiness mode as part of an unexpected assessment.

Shoigu stated that drills will be conducted with the aim of preventing hostile forces from invading Sakhalin Island and the southern coastline of the Kuril Islands, RT reported.

During his address to Russia’s top military officials, Shoigu revealed that the Pacific Fleet was placed on high alert at full strength at 9am local time on Friday.

The primary objective of the exercise is to improve the armed forces’ capacity to deter aggression from potential adversaries approaching by sea or ocean.

According to Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov, special attention is being given to ensuring the combat readiness of the strategic nuclear submarines.

Shoigu highlighted that, in addition to deterring enemy landings, the fleet will be required to identify and neutralize enemy submarines and warship strike groups, as well as landing equipment.

Meanwhile, air defense units are anticipated to provide coverage for areas that pose a potential threat, as reported by RT.

The Russian Air Force is participating in the exercises in conjunction with the Navy.

Written by staff