Former Indian MP shot dead live on TV

Photo: BBC (Fair Use)

In a shocking incident that occurred in Prayagraj, also known as Allahabad, a former Indian politician, Atiq Ahmed, who had been convicted of kidnapping, was shot dead live on television along with his brother.

Ahmed was under police escort and was speaking to reporters when a gun was suddenly pulled up to his head, and shots were fired on Saturday night.

Three individuals who had been posing as journalists immediately surrendered and were taken into custody.

Just days earlier, Ahmed’s teenage son had been killed by the police, the BBC reported.

Ahmed had claimed in the past that his life was in danger from the police, and over the last two decades, he had been charged in dozens of cases, including those related to kidnapping, murder, and extortion.

Earlier this year, a local court sentenced Ahmed and two others to life imprisonment in a kidnapping case.

Video footage captured Ahmed and his brother, Ashraf, who were both in handcuffs, talking to journalists as they were being taken for a medical check-up at a hospital.

The shooting occurred just moments after the video ended, as reported by the BBC.

Written by staff