AP: Old NASA satellite falling to Earth, risk of danger ‘low’

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

A decommissioned NASA satellite named Rhessi is expected to crash to Earth this week, but experts say there is a low chance of it causing any harm.

NASA and the Defense Department have been tracking the defunct science satellite, which will reenter the Earth’s atmosphere on Wednesday night, the Associated Press reported.

Although most of the satellite’s 660-pound (300-kilogram) weight is expected to burn up upon reentry, some parts could survive.

NASA has not disclosed the reentry location due to uncertainty over when and where it will fall.

The risk of anyone being harmed by falling satellite debris is considered low at approximately 1-in-2,467, according to a statement by NASA.

Rhessi was launched into orbit in 2002 to study the sun before being shut down in 2018 due to communication problem, as reported by the AP.

It captured images of solar flares and coronal mass ejections from the sun in high-energy X-rays and gamma rays.

Written by staff