Multiple people trapped after parking garage collapses in NYC

Photo: New York Post (Fair Use)

Officials reported on Tuesday that a parking garage collapse in Lower Manhattan resulted in one fatality and several people being trapped.

Shocking footage from the location on Ann Street displays numerous vehicles on the concave rooftop, with a woman heard shouting, “Get out!” Mayor Eric Adams addressed the press conference at the site, declaring that the building was currently unstable.

As numerous SUVs plunged into the large hole that caused the collapse, emergency responders carried away one injured victim on a stretcher, the New York Post reported.

The incident resulted in five injuries, with four individuals being transported to the hospital and one declining medical assistance.

According to a source, all the injured parties were working inside the building when it collapsed, with chunks of concrete falling through a lounge area designated for garage personnel.

NYC Department of Building Acting Commissioner Kaz Vilenchik stated that the building had active violations dating back to 2003.

Additionally, there were ongoing permits for the building, including one for electrical work, despite the fact that the building was not undergoing any construction at the time of the collapse.

Written by staff