Thief crashes helicopter after trying to steal it from Sacramento airport

Photo: KCRA (Fair Use)

Police reported that a thief who attempted to fly away with a helicopter from the Sacramento Executive Airport crashed it. According to KCRA’s report, the police stated that a trespasser attempted to start four different helicopters on the tarmac between 4 and 6 a.m. before successfully getting one of them to start.

The suspect fled the scene after the failed takeoff, according to reports. Police confirmed that there were no injuries, and no arrests have been made at this time, the New York Post reported.

“This investigation is in its early stages, and this information is preliminary as detectives work to learn exactly what occurred,” police told The Sacramento Bee.”

Photos from KCRA indicate that the Bell 407 heavy-lift helicopter sustained severe damage and appeared to be completely totaled.

The outlet reported that the mangled helicopter lay on its side on the tarmac with smashed rotors, a cracked tail boom, and debris spread across hundreds of yards.

Written by staff