Russia’s Putin: West helped Ukraine mount acts of sabotage

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

During a call with members of his Security Council on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Western intelligence agencies of assisting Ukraine in carrying out acts of sabotage. He urged his officials to respond more strongly to the situation.

The call primarily centered on efforts to strengthen control over the four Ukrainian provinces that Russia claimed as part of its territory in September, a move that was deemed an illegal annexation by most of the international community.

“There are reasons to believe that the capabilities of third countries, Western special services, have been involved in preparation of acts of sabotage and terror attacks,” Putin said, as reported by the Associated Press.

Putin pointed out that the four provinces have been subjected to shelling and acts of sabotage by Ukraine, which were intended to frighten the local residents. He emphasized that the authorities need to respond firmly and efficiently to maintain control over the situation.

In the recently annexed provinces, several officials appointed by Moscow have been injured or killed in a series of bombings and other assaults, as reported by the AP.

Putin emphasized the need for officials to intensify their efforts to completely integrate the four regions into Russia and safeguard local residents against attacks by Ukraine.

Written by staff