Ukraine’s outrage grows over video seeming to show beheading

Photo: Screen Shot / YouTube (Fair Use)

On Wednesday, Ukraine initiated an investigation into a disturbing video that allegedly depicts the beheading of a Ukrainian soldier, marking the latest accusation of Russia committing atrocities since its invasion in February 2022.

The video quickly spread online and elicited condemnation from officials in Kyiv, including President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, as well as international organizations, the Associated Press reported.

The Kremlin denounced the footage as “horrific” but stated that it needed to be verified.

The Associated Press was unable to confirm the video’s authenticity or determine when and where it was recorded. Due to its highly graphic content, the AP is not disseminating the video or using any frame grabs.

In the meantime, a Russian defense official claimed that members of Russia’s paramilitary Wagner group have taken control of three areas in Bakhmut, a besieged city that has been the focus of Moscow’s sustained offensive in the east for several months.

The online footage seems to depict a person dressed in green military attire sporting a yellow armband, which is usually worn by Ukrainian combatants, as reported by the AP.

Prior to the act, the victim’s cries are audible, after which another individual in camouflage clothing uses a blade to sever the victim’s head.

Written by staff