Train Derails in Maine, Residents Told to ‘Stay Clear’

Photo: Rockwood Fire & Rescue (Fair Use)

According to a report by WGME, on Saturday morning, a train belonging to Canadian Pacific Railways derailed in rural Maine, near Moosehead Lake, due to a track washout, Breitbart News reported.

As a result, the Rockwood Fire Department cautioned residents to avoid the affected area. Three railway workers were transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries that were said to be non-life-threatening.

Lumber cars and three locomotives were among the vehicles that derailed, as per Canadian Pacific Railways.

“Train derailment with fire north of rockwood, please stay clear!” Rockwood Fire & Rescue warned in a Facebook post Saturday, as reported by Breitbart News.

Initially, the Facebook post from the fire department had mentioned the presence of hazardous materials on the train. However, later on, the post was edited to remove this information.

According to Canadian Pacific Railways, the train that caught fire was limited to lumber cars and locomotives, and did not include the cars that were transporting hazardous materials.

Canadian Pacific Railways stated that the public is not at risk, and therefore, residents have not been asked to evacuate.

The company also mentioned that they are collaborating with the local first responders, and hazardous materials specialists are evaluating the situation.

Written by staff