Pentagon official floats a theory for unexplained UFO sightings

Photo: NASA (Fair Use)

The leader of a clandestine Pentagon project aimed at researching unexplained aerial infiltrations has collaborated on a scholarly article outlining a theory that is truly otherworldly:

Recent sightings may, in fact, be alien probes sent from a mothership to study Earth, Politico reported.

Sean Kirkpatrick, head of the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, and Avi Loeb, a professor at Harvard University, joined forces to produce a preliminary paper dated March 7.

In it, they suggest that the objects, which appear to defy the laws of physics, might be “probes” dispatched from an extraterrestrial “parent craft.”

Government officials involved in collecting intelligence on recent sightings rarely discuss the possibility of extraterrestrial life, though top agency officials do not rule it out when asked.

However, Sean Kirkpatrick, head of the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, and Harvard professor Avi Loeb co-authored an academic paper that gained notoriety after being posted online.

The paper discusses the possibility that the unexplained objects the Department of Defense (DoD) is studying could be “probes” from an extraterrestrial “parent craft,” as reported by Politico.

Experts said Kirkpatrick’s involvement in the academic paper is an important signal that the Pentagon is open to scientific debate of the origins of UFOs, but it also raises questions about AARO’s credibility since the theory is considered highly unsubstantiated in most academic circles.

The paper suggests that interstellar objects such as the cigar-shaped “Oumuamua” could be a “parent craft that releases many small probes during its close passage to Earth.”

Written by staff