Intel leak suspect appears in court

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

On Friday, a Massachusetts Air National Guardsman, who is accused of leaking highly classified military documents, made an appearance in court as prosecutors unveiled charges and disclosed how billing records and interviews with social media allies aided in identifying the suspect.

One of the key pieces of information was that the FBI used Discord, a platform, to gather data that led to Jack Teixeira, the guardsman, the Associated Press reported.

Furthermore, it was revealed that on the day when news outlets reported the inappropriate disclosure of classified documents, Teixeira employed his government-issued computer to look for the word “leak.”

In a statement issued from the White House, President Joe Biden stated that the government is currently attempting to verify the authenticity of the leaked documents.

He went on to say that while the investigation is ongoing, he has instructed both the military and intelligence community to take measures to enhance the protection and restrict the circulation of confidential data.

Additionally, Biden added that the national security team is collaborating closely with partners and allies, as reported by the AP.

Written by staff