Ancient mummified child was drugged with psychedelics before ritual sacrifice to gods

THE ancient Nazca society drugged individuals as young as children with psychedelics before sacrificing them in a religious ritual to their Gods, scientists now claim. 

A new study to be released in the December 2022 issue of the Journal of Archaeological Science revealed that the ancient Peruivan civilization drugged at least one young child with the hallucinogenic San Pedro Cactus before their death. 

The research centered on the remains of 22 individuals found in the Yauca Valley, Cahuachi, and Estaqueria in Peru – known Nazca ruins sites. 

Out of the samples, only eleven dated to the Early Nazca Period, including two individuals who tested positive for “psychoactive substances” – a female and a child. 

This was discovered through testing hair found on the female and child’s trophy heads. 

Specifically, the child tested positive for a high level of “mescaline” – a hallucinogen brought on by the high consumption of the San Pedro Cactus. 

Meanwhile, scientists determined that the female had chewed coca leaves before she died.

This research is purportedly “the first proof” that some trophy head victims were drugged before their death. 

The study’s authors described the female and adolescent trophy heads as “rare” as the majority found belonged to adult males. 

While the findings are groundbreaking, the study’s authors also recommend further analysis into their research saying it “may shed new light on the interpretation and evolution of ritual headhunting in pre-Columbian Peru through the ages.”