Republican Joe Lombardo will defeat Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak

Republican Joe Lombardo, the popular sheriff of Clark County, is projected to defeat Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, campaigning on Sisolak inability to get the economy back on track in the state.

  • CNN – Sisolak conceded Thursday evening before the race had been called, noting that it appeared he would fall “a percentage point or so short of winning.” 
  • THE HILL – The Associated Press called the race for Lombardo shortly before 9 p.m. ET. Sisolak had conceded in a statement before the call was made.
  • FOX NEWS – The economy and inflation, education, crime, and the governor’s performance in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic were key issues in the gubernatorial campaign.
  • THE GUARDIAN – Lombardo defeated Steve Sisolak, regaining the governorship for the GOP and making Sisolak a one-term Democrat amid two decades of Republicans.