NASA’s Artemis moon rocket is hours from launch. Will it finally fly?

NASA is once again counting down the hours to the first flight test of its new 32-story-tall Artemis rocket, the one the agency hopes will carry astronauts back to the moon in just a few years.

The space agency has been struggling to get the multi-billion-dollar rocket off the ground so that it can send a capsule — without a crew on board — around the moon and back, allowing managers to perform critical tests of its systems. Lift-off is now targeted for a two-hour window that opens at 1:04 am EST, Wednesday, Nov. 16, and weather at the launch site in Florida looks promising.

A successful launch would be a key milestone for NASA’s Artemis program, which aims to put the first woman and first person of color on the lunar surface. The agency has not launched a space vehicle designed to send astronauts to the moon since 1972.