Remote undersea volcano likely erupting in Pacific Ocean

A volcano is likely erupting deep beneath the Pacific Ocean in the U. S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, however, scientists have no idea for sure because it is so inaccessible.

  • ASSOCIATED PRESS – Scientists are looking to see if the activity is shallow earthquakes or if material exploded from the crater, said Matt Haney, a USGS research geophysicist. Scientists are checking satellite data to see if there’s discolored water, which could suggest material is coming out of the volcano, he said.
  • ABC NEWS – Activity from an undersea volcanic source was picked up last month by hydroacoustic sensors some 1,400 miles away (2250 kilometers) at Wake Island.
  • FOX NEWS – In collaboration with researchers in Tahiti, combined analysis of the signals with data from seismic stations in Guam and Japan suggests that the source of the activity is at or near Ahyi Seamount. 
  • U.S. NEWS – The seamount is part of the Mariana Volcanic Arc, which is a chain of over 60 active volcanoes stretching over 600 miles west of and parallel to the Mariana Trench, the world’s deepest point.