Boy who fell through icy lake dies on Thanksgiving

Credit: West Metro Fire Rescue (Fair Use)

A teenage boy has now died after he fell into an icy pond in Roxborough Park, Colorado earlier this week, authorities said. The teen boy was with three other children who all also fell through the ice and were rescued by neighbors.

  • CBS NEWS – West Metro Fire Rescue reported that crews were called to Crystal Lake Tuesday afternoon after the four children fell through the ice. Three of them, two girls and a boy, were pulled out by neighbors using hoses, extension cords and ropes, the fire department said. They survived. 
  • KDVR – According to family members of the boy, he passed away on Thanksgiving Day at 1:32 p.m. after being placed on life support Wednesday
  • NBC 9 NEWS – A dive team pulled the boy out of a Douglas County lake on Tuesday, while three other children got out with help from neighbors.
  • WGN9 – A woman had gone in to try to save the boy as well. Police said two Aurora officers swam to save the boy and the woman. The boy was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.