Russia amps up missile strikes in Ukraine, killing 15 in Kherson

Photo Credit: Original Screen Capture Twitter / (Fair Use)

Russian military strikes on Ukraine this week have left half of the capital city of Kyiv without electricity, amid cold winter temperatures. Fifteen civilians have died following Russian shelling in the recently recaptured city of Kherson.

  • FRANCE 24 – In a rare public spat involving Ukrainian leaders, President Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday criticised the mayor of Kyiv for doing what he said was a poor job setting up emergency shelters to help those without power and heat after Russian attacks.
  • ABC NEWS – A salvo of missiles struck the recently liberated city of Kherson for the second day Friday in a marked escalation of attacks since Russia withdrew from the city two weeks ago following an eight-month occupation.
  • NEW YORK POST – Among the dead was 62-year-old Natalia Kristenko and her husband, who were killed by a missile strike as they stepped out of their home Thursday evening. The woman died instantly from a head wound, while her 66-year-old husband died hours later from internal bleeding.
  • NPR – The Ukrainian governor of Kherson, Yaroslav Yanushevych, said Friday that Russian shelling attacks killed 10 civilians and wounded 54 others the previous day, with two neighborhoods in the city of Kherson coming “under massive artillery fire.”