Team of Archaeologists discover rare sword from the time of the Kalmar War

Image Credit : Arkeologerna – CC BY (Fair Use)

A team of archaeologists have unearthed a rare sword that dates back to the time of the Kalmar War.

Archaeologists from the Arkeologerna have been excavating a stone cellar in the town of Kalmar, which is in Sweden.

The team of researchers theorize that the cellar may have been apart of a medieval farm, which according to ancient contemporary texts, suggests that it may have once been owned by Gotskalk Hulskede in the year 1368.

Image Credit : Arkeologerna – CC BY (Fair Use)

The farm appears to have been burned down in the summer of 1611 during the time of Kalmar War, according to Heritage Daily.

Two heavily fire-damaged hand grinders – Image Credit : Arkeologerna – CC BY (Fair Use)

During the excavation at the site, the team of archaeologists discovered a rare Danish sward, which could show an evolution from a medieval sword to one of a more modern design that would come to dominate the 17th century battlefield.

In a statement issued by Arkeologerna: “At the time of the Kalmar War, the European armies were in a turning point – the military revolution – where new tactics and weapon systems were being tested. This find fits well into the arsenal of the time.”

(Written by B.C. Begley)