Ex-president Trump calls new Special Counsel ‘fully-weaponized monster’

Photo: Wikimedia commons CC (Fair Use)

Former President Donald Trump on Monday unloaded on special counsel Jack Smith, who has taken over oversight of the Mar-a-Lago probe and the Justice Department’s investigation of the 2020 election overturn effort.

Trump’s attacks came after Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Smith, a career prosecutor, in an effort to provide a measure of insulation amid government probes of the announced 2024 presidential candidate. 

‘This fully weaponized monster, Jack Smith, shouldn’t be let anywhere near the political persecution of “President Donald J. Trump,” wrote former President Trump on his Truth Social platform.

‘I did nothing wrong on January 6th, and nothing wrong with the Democrats’ fix on the Document Hoax, that is, unless the six previous Presidents did something wrong also,’ Trump wrote in a trio of posts that railed against Smith and the FBI as well as Smith family members.

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