Rail unions decry Biden’s call for Congress to block strike. Businesses praise the plan

Photo: Lisa Ferdinando Flickr CC (Fair Use) (Fair Use)

President Joe Biden was in the unusual position Tuesday of being praised by business interests and attacked by his normal allies in the labor movement after calling for Congress to move immediately to block a strike by more than 100,000 union members at the nation’s freight railroads set for the end of next week.

The move was a serious setback for the unions, who say they needed the right to strike in order to get railroad management to negotiate over their major demand to give workers sick days that are not in the current contracts. They say the railroads, many of which reported record profits last year, are enjoying even stronger profits this year and can afford to meet the union’s demands.

Biden said he is sympathetic to the union’s demand, but he said a rail strike would cause too much economic damage and must be avoided.

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