Silver Cross Found in Early Medieval Burial in England


A large garnet has been found at the centre of a “unique” silver cross uncovered by archaeologists at an ancient burial site. It is the latest discovery at Harpole, near Northampton, where a 1,300-year-old grave, thought to be of a woman of high status, has been uncovered.

The Museum of London Archaeology (Mola) said items, including jewellery, were “once in a lifetime” finds.

The cross has been recovered, but is still encased in earth.

Last month, archaeologists revealed they had found a gold necklace dating back to 630-670 AD, the Anglo-Saxon period, which they described as the richest of its type ever uncovered in Britain.

It consisted of at least 30 pendants and beads made of Roman coins, gold, garnets, glass and semi-precious stones.

Mola has named the findings the “Harpole Treasure”.