Microsoft’s AI-Powered Bing Challenges Google Search

Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled a new version of its Bing search engine that incorporates the language technology behind ChatGPT, an AI system for conversational and creative responses that marks the first big chance in years to get ahead of search king Google.

Bing now is an “AI-powered co-pilot for the web,” the tech giant said, delivering search results infused with information from the large language model from Microsoft partner OpenAI. Bing also gets a new chat window that Microsoft said will help deliver shopping lists and advice, travel advice and trivia games. The technology also is built into Microsoft’s Edge browser, able to perform tasks like summarizing PDFs and generating LinkedIn posts.

Bing is the first step, but Microsoft expects the AI technology to help you everywhere, whether writing documents in Word, crunching data in spreadsheets or creating PowerPoint presentations. It’s a bolder new take on the long-held tech dream of intelligent digital agents helping you navigate your life.