Scotland’s first witchcraft museum to display mummified cat and ‘enchanted’ objects

Scotland’s first museum of witchcraft is set to open its doors to the public later this month – and will display mummified animals and ‘magical’ objects.

Situated on Chalmers Close in Edinburgh’s historic Old Town, the Museum of Witchcraft, Magic & Fortune-telling will feature unique artefacts and curiosities dating back to the 17th century. With body snatchers and witch executions being a documented part of Edinburgh’s history, the capital is a fitting home for the museum.

Traditional magical charms and amulets, enchanted objects, and even things associated with “counter-magic” will be on display to visitors. Among these is a 200-year-old mummified cat, which was found in France bricked up in a wall to ward off “maleficent spirits and magic”.