Woman’s decapitated head found in Paris park 

The severed head of a woman was found in a bag in a street in a Parisian suburb. The head was discovered by a pedestrian who alerted the police.

The identity of the victim is not yet known, and an investigation is underway to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident. The discovery has shocked and alarmed local residents, and comes amid a wave of violent crime in France in recent years.

A woman’s decapitated head has been found in a Parisian park this Valentine’s Day.

Cops have tracked down other body parts, including a piece found yesterday in the Buttes-Chaumont Park, one of the biggest green spaces situated in the northeast of France’s capital.

During a police search at 11am, park staff helped cops to track down the head, local media reported.

The grisly find was made in an area of woodland in the park, which is a popular location for families and joggers.

Yesterday, the first body part was found in an area of secluded woodland of the park popular with families and joggers. A source close to the case said it was a woman’s pelvic area.

The Parisien reported the blood-soaked lower torso, from below the chest to the knees, was found yesterday, while the head was found today under a pile of foliage beside a train line.

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