Protests opposing ‘Cop City’ in Atlanta again turn violent

Photo: Atlanta Police Department (Fair Use)

On Sunday night, the Atlanta Police Department unveiled striking visuals revealing the instant when Antifa demonstrators, clad in entirely black attire, forcefully entered the construction site of a planned police training center, the Daily Mail reported.

The Facebook video displayed roughly 150 rioters, garbed in either black or camouflage attire and sporting ski masks, who infiltrated the location of Atlanta’s upcoming Public Safety Training Facility.

This structure, referred to by protesters as “Cop City,” was the target of the demonstration, with the intruders promptly lighting fireworks upon entry, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Shortly after their arrival, the demonstrators ignited fireworks near the police officers’ location. In subsequent moments, several members of the group were observed congregating with riot shields while signaling to others to join them.

After gathering, the protesters proceeded to hurl Molotov cocktails at a construction vehicle, causing it to catch fire before they fled the scene. Additional footage circulated on the internet captured a police surveillance tower ablaze, with smoke wafting in the vicinity.

As per the Atlanta Police Department, a total of 35 individuals were apprehended.

Written by staff