Horrifying flight diverted as passengers vomit in 9-hour ordeal

Photo: WMBF (Fair Use)

Passengers aboard a Southwest flight were left stranded without information or food in a closed Myrtle Beach airport overnight, along with a full plane of fellow travelers, after the flight was diverted from Raleigh-Durham International Airport, CBS News 17 reported.

According to a North Carolina couple who were on board Southwest flight 3094, the 9-hour ordeal included three passengers vomiting as the plane shook violently.

The couple also reported that another person had a panic attack and passed out on the plane during its turbulent approach into Raleigh. Flight data shows that the approach was aborted at the last second at 1,350 feet, The Hill reported.

“It was quite a horrifying experience. We go to land in Raleigh and the plane starts shaking like crazy. Then they decide to tell us 15 minutes later we are going to Myrtle Beach,” said Nicholas Reed, who was flying with his girlfriend Krys Spence.

A Southwest representative at Myrtle Beach International Airport stated on Friday evening that the airplane was rerouted due to weather conditions leading to a low fuel scenario.

According to the couple, all passengers onboard the packed Boeing 737 landed safely at Myrtle Beach, but had to remain on the aircraft for two hours before being allowed to disembark.

Written by staff